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Hello and welcome to the Shooting Lawyers Assn (SLA.)  Started by personal injury attorney Michael Ehline at Ehline Law Firm PC. Living in Los Angeles County, Ehline, a former U.S. Marine, and commonly referenced online as “Panzermike”, was appalled at the constant, baseless emotion based attacks upon the right of the people to keep and bear arms, by Sacramento based politicians (most of whom are lawyers themselves.) The purpose of the SLA is to educate lawyers, and Citizens about their Natural and Unalienable rights, duties and obligations as civil, law abiding citizens who possess arms.

We do this by participating in range safety events, hunting and shooting expeditions. Activities include “Three Gun” competitions, Olympic Shooting events, and participating in/organizing peaceful protests and marches against the enemies of the American people who would seek to disarm us under the insidious guise of safety. The goal of the SLA is to convert or remove any and all “lawmakers” from office who infringe, or seek to infringe upon the rights of individuals that are guaranteed them by their birthright.

Molon Labe

Hey Feinstein, Yee. Come and take them!

Membership is free to contributing attorneys and gun owners who wish to contribute posts and editorials affecting law abiding citizens.  If you wish to be listed in our membership directory and show your support, use the contact us box on the right. And remember, what we do in life, “echoes in eternity”! Molon Labe.