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Veterans Rights Slipping Away at Legislatures’ Hands

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In recent years there has been a large push on gun ownership and Veterans have been at the forefront of this push. Legislatures have focused on two groups of service members and prior military personnel to take their Second Amendment rights away with no recourse for these men and women, who served their country proudly.

Firearms ownership is one of American’s rights under the Second Amendment, giving citizens the right to bear arms. This is unless you are a former military service member, who has suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI) or have been treated for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Then according to legislatures like Senator Chuck Schumer and President Obama these former service members should be placed on a list that forbids them from owning and purchasing firearms.

There have been as many as 127,000 veterans placed on the Federal gun registry criminal check system, which means if they want to purchase a weapon, they will be turned down. These individuals who have fought for this country using much higher grade weapons and been thoroughly trained in firearms use, compared to the average weekend shooting range gun owner. But, hiding behind the Brady Act legislatures have found a way to keep these men and women from owning guns and in effect taken away veterans Second Amendment rights.

The message this is sending to military service members and past active duty military personnel is if you seek treatment for a TBI or PTSD it will take away your Second Amendment rights. It no longer matters that these men and women  put their life on the line, did multiple tours in places like Vietnam, Iraq or Afghanistan lawmakers have the final say in whether you are capable of owning firearms or not. After all liberals sitting in Washington, who have never worn the uniform know better than the veteran whether they should have the rights that our forefathers deemed to be the right of every American citizen.


Veterans at Risk of being Stripped of Second Amendment Rights: