Leland Yee withdraws from California Secretary of State Race

Leland Yee plans to withdraw his candidacy from the California Secretary of State, after being one of 26 people charged in gun trafficking and murder for hire.  According to Yee’s attorney Paul Demeester said, Yee has made no decision about his Senate seat and plans to plead not guilty to the federal charges.

Mayor Ed Lee of San Francisco read the 137 page complaint against Yee and the other people charged in the scheme and said it was like something found in a mystery novel, but they are verified. The complaint states that meetings took place in a San Francisco restaurant between Yee and an undercover FBI agent, where Yee said he could the weapons they wanted and the person he was acquainted with had the things they wanted.

California Senators in Washington Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstein are both calling for Yee to resign his seat as a California senator. Senator Feinstein stated that the allegations against Yee are shocking and it is clear that he has lost the confidence of his colleagues.  The California State Senate voted on Friday 28-1 to suspend Senator Leland Yee from the Senate after his indictment this week.

Yee along with two other Democrat’s Senator Ron Calderon, who is facing federal corruption charges and Rod Wright who was convicted of Voter fraud and perjury will retain his annual base pay if he is suspended of $95,291 dollars per year. Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg Friday planned to seek a constitutional amendment to deny the pay to suspended lawmakers.