San Francisco Bans Standard Capacity Mags and Other Protected Activities

Punishing Law Abiding Citizens for Political Gain

Chiu Enemy of Liberty

Well there is certainly a lot to write about lately.  San Francisco politicians led by Supervisor Chiu, just voted to make it a crime to possess standard capacity magazines that are already legal to own it the State. They also voted to make it illegal for minors to go the rifle range with a supervising parent, even though shooting is part of our heritage passed on from father to son. But of course, it is perfectly ok to teach alternative lifestyles and have little boys and girls shower and pee together in California public schools.

What the board seems to not comprehend, is that measures like this create new crimes, and thereby make, law abiding citizens into criminals. I am looking to partner up with a local firm to sue the City of San Francisco for Civil Rights violations for what we at SLA consider to be egregious, treasonous conduct by the SF Board of Supervisors. Check out the PDF of the vote here. Obviously, there is a pre-emption issue. But if we can find the right judge, we could possibly use this as an opportunity to restore American Second Amendment rights to their proper place in a civil society.

Recall The Politicians

Even liberals and socialists are starting to get it.  The Second Amendment is there for a reason.  Depriving law abiding citizens of their Second Amendment rights and duties, is only a testing ground.  Once the statists roll over that right, it will be all the easier to roll over another.  This is the battleground.  Moving away is not the solution.  We must stand and fight people like fugitive Leland Lee and the other members of the immoral majority currently “ruling” in San Francisco.  Quoting a poster over at Calguns: “San Francsisco has merely adopted the Liberal line: cops and criminals get to defend themselves with 30 round magazines, but you crappy civilian taxpayers – your lives are only worth 10 rounds.”

Who To Recall

Join the fight to recall supervisors: Chiu, Cohen, Campos, Lee and Mar, rubber stamps for the enemies of freedom. We encourage locals to organize and start gathering signatures right away.


High-capacity ammo ban approved by S.F. Board of Supervisors: